Where there's always a friend to be with.

Where there's always a friend to be with.

We've all felt a change in how we live over the last few years. Our phones have made us more "connected" but do you feel truly connected?

We did not and that's why you’re here because maybe you feel the same way.

Companies are directly trying to prevent us from leaving the house and going outside. They want you to stay in their app, scrolling for as long as they can to keep you addicted. It's what their business models need to survive. Our attention has been stolen.

Something needs to change.

We live on Earth. Right here, right now.

Meaningful moments with people are out there. It's important that our time together in person is prioritised.

Being with people, doing fun things and living in the moment is the best feeling. And it can happen more! And it needs to happen more!

We need a radical change of what's important and how we all interact. We’ve got to wake up and get out of the house, stop making excuses and turn off the tv show.

So what can you expect from us:

  • We only build things to help you be with people

  • We’ll bring everything you need to see people into one app

  • We’ll help you feel more confident when being the planner or the invited

  • We’ll try to surface opportunities with friends that you may have missed

  • We’ll listen to your feedback and build around you

So are you inside or are you outside? See you out there ♥️