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We spend less time with the people we love and care about, even though we're supposed to be more "connected" than ever before. It's making us feel more anxious, lonely, and isolated.

But deep down, we know that real happiness and health come from spending time with people in the real world. And nothing beats the feeling when your with friends or make a new one.

We can get caught up with the illusion of spending time together online but we need human connection to really feel happy.

We're an app

At Outside, we believe that human connection is one of the most important things in life.

We’ve created the app to help us be with our friends in the real world, in a way that’s super easy, natural and fun.

We all have gaps in our day or week that we could spend with friends and we think this can happen by just sharing these moments with eachother. It’s just 2 taps with Outside.

Our small team deeply cares about making Outside the easiest, most accessible way to be with friends and meet new people in the real world.