About Us


We all want to experience new things, feel motivated and have fun. But sometimes, it can be tough to find the motivation or easy to get caught in a rut. We believe life can be full of excitement and it's worth always having something to look forward to.

Life's just far too short and we should try and fill it with excitement, adventure or special moments with friends and the people we love.

We're an app

At Outside we want to help you always have something to look forward to. Do you know why? Because you do have things to look forward to!

Once you've added your plans in the app, we'll show a gorgeous countdown to your plans which you can add as a widget to your home screen. If your plans are with friends or family, you can add them to share the countdown together, chat and then see each other.

Our small team deeply cares about making Outside the easiest, most accessible way to to plan for you and the people you care about.